Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boy's 1st Astros Game

Uncle Sean and Chance invited Daddy and Kaylon to go to an Astros game. It was both the boys is first game ever. Their Daddy's were so excited to take them.  I made an adorable sign for them to hold and gave Daddy the camera hoping to get some pictures. I was pretty proud of Daddy and photo taking abilities for the night! When they got home Ryan was up for an hour tell me all about the little details especially about explaining to him about the national anthem and laying out the rules of the game. The opposing team turned out to be the "bad guys" before the night was over. Kaylon was even awake when they got home after such a late game. He couldn't wait to show me his foam finger and tell me all about it. His Daddy had the best time spoiling his son. Silly boys and their sports! It warms me to the core to see how much fun they had. Pop wasn't able to make it to this games, but seems to think they're going to go to their first football game this year too. I'm not so sure about that... I guess we'll see!


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