Saturday, June 19, 2010

Incredible Kids updates

He is our dancing fool. Obviously. But, just recently I have noticed how grown he is. Before, he would just dance the same old dance to every tune, but now he participates with all the correct hand motions and gestures to Patty Cake, and Ring A Round the Rosie, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. He has only been seeing the motions and hearing the words his whole life, but to see him do the motions perfectly and on cue just shocked me into reality. Reality says my baby will be TWO in just a few short months!

She can see me. And her Daddy, too. Some times when we get so close to her, talking and giggling to her...she just lights up with this amazing smile and tons on coo's. She is at the point now that she is sleeping from 9pm to 7am solid, but when she wakes up, watch out! If she doesn't have her bottle quick she gets a little impatient! (hmmmm) And after that bottle is marathon running time. She kicks her chunky legs a mile a minute smiling and cooing the entire time.

Oh, these children. They make my heart flutter.


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