Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pool Day in Dayton

Today we spent the day in Dayton visiting with family and gorging on good food. Of course I ended up cheating on my diet, but it was worth it. (Back to the diet again tomorrow.)

Anytime we are around water I try to take advantage and get Kaylon in to it. Also it was perfect opportunity to get Kolbie into the pool for her first time.

Today was Kaylon's 1st time in floaties and he did alright. He did not want them on at first. He tried so hard to get them off, but once he realized they helped keep his head out of water, he gave in. We worked on blowing bubbles in the water and kicking our feet. He did awesome! He still doesn't trust it being on his back. Mema and I were both working with him. He is still so fearless of the water he will just jump right in if we are looking or not. So all eye's are glued on him when he is any where near it.

Kolbie was just her sassy self. She could have cared less. But she was sure looking adorable doing it! We put her on a float at one point and she decided to roll right off. Of course I was right there to catch her before she went all the way in. I knew when she was done, too. Correction, everyone knew when she was done. Once I got her out of the water and wrapped in her towel, she was out like a light. My girl, she knows what she wants, that's for sure.


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  1. SO cute! Look at the prissy little girl....just like her AUnt Mel...knows what she wants and has NO problem letting everyone know it! hee!hee! I am so proud of Kaylon being so brave!!!