Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Oh...How come holiday's have to be soooo busy???? Seriously! I feel like we were running around all weekend! It was exhausting, but worth it.
This is Kolbie's 1st Easter and Kaylon's 2nd, but his first year to egg hunt. I was so excited to have 3 separate hunts planned for our boy.

The 1st of course was at school on Thursday. That day I was so excited for him. I got him all dressed up in a super cute outfit Mema picked out for him and had his basket ready to go. When I dropped him off at school that morning his teacher (who we love dearly and are sooo sad to find out she will not be there next whoo) said I didn't need to come to the hunt because they weren't making a big deal about it. When I left him, I got in the car to call Ryan and let him know I wasn't invited to to the egg hunt, but I could barely get the words out I was crying so much. It broke my heart to think I was going to miss his 1st egg hunt! (Daddy did a good job consoling me by saying its just practice for the big ones...but still!) Anyway, I respected the teachers wishes (surprising, I know) and when I went to pick him up Ms. Danyel informed me that all the kids did a good job putting the eggs into their baskets UNTIL the big boy in class, Deacon, got an egg open and found the prize inside. She said after that all the kiddo's were interested in was getting the eggs open. No more eggs got iput in the baskets. She did say Kaylon couldn't get his egg open even after throwing it on the ground, but was smart enough to go over and stomp on it! How cute!

Egg Hunt number 2 was with Pop and Noni, Uncle Sean, Aunt Mel, and B&C at the League City Park. It started at 10am and we almost missed it. They had a small section roped off for the 0-2 yr olds with tons of eggs every where! It was utter chaos when they opened the gate to start the hunt and crazy enough, Kaylon didn't get a single egg! We had him one we were trying to coax him to pick up, but a bigger kid came and scooped it up before he could get it. Major bummer.

Egg hunt number 3 was in Dayton. We had a reception for my cousin Joey and his new wife. This egg hunt was super awesome, because it was done just for Kaylon and my cousin's son Carter. Kaylon did such a good job. He was picking up those eggs and putting them in the basket. His Easter basket is so huge though he would just set it down and bring the eggs over to it, so I picked it up and carried it for him. He picked up most of the eggs on his side of the yard before he got bored with it. It was super cute. Mommy loved it.
I got lots of good pictures from the whole weekend, to take a look, click here.
Happy Easter everyone!

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