Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ryan and I were having a real conversation the other day (I know...right! They are so few and far between anymore.) I don't remember how it started, but it had to do with paperwork (hospital related I'm sure) and the question came up of why paperwork of all kinds asks what is your occupation? Why is that relevant? Why do I feel like I loose IQ points when I write "Housewife?" Is it better to write "Homemaker" or maybe just "Mom?" I decided (thanks to an e-mail from Grammy) my current occupation is Child Development Specialist. I specialize in singing the ABC's, Ring Around the Rosie's,and Itsy Bitsy Spider. I also specialize in playtime. I would love to say that I specialize in laundry, house cleaning, and meal times, but lets face it, I'm just a part time laborer. That being said I can change and dispose of a dirty diaper, replace it with a nice new fresh one, and redress an infant in less than 6o seconds! Oh yes, I timed myself!
And yes Mom, that would make you an Executive in the field. A shout out to all the Great Grandmas, too. Mema and Nana, you qualify as Senior Executive Child Development Specialist with the dozens of offspring each of you have!
I don't know why any of this is relevant, just needing to give myself and all those other full times Mom's out there a little pat on the back.

(Grammy, Mema, Kaylon, Nana, and GG at Kolbie's Baby Shower)

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