Monday, April 26, 2010

Milk Donations

I am posting again about the Mothers Milk Bank hoping to spread the word. Since Kolbie was born I had been storing my excess milk in the freezer with full intentions to donate mothers most precious gift. Because I was hospitalized with such a severe infection and mastitis of both breast and all the medication I received I am unable to donate. It is so easy for healthy Mommy's who have a surplus supply of milk for their little one to contact the Milk Bank , take a quick survey for eligibility, and begin donating. Not to mention rewarding! I know the biggest deterrent for us Houstonian Mommies is there is not a local milk bank, but The Milk Bank at Austin serves all off Texas and has several collection sites in and around the Houston area. They also accept milk through the mail at their cost. So, please spread the word to the nursing mommies you know so they can get more information to see if donating is right for them.

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