Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kolbie's Room

Following up on an earlier post. Here are pictures of Kolbie's room. Still not finished yet, but you know me, I'm never done!

Daddy and Papa Diz did a great job on her waynes coting and crown moulding

Stephen Edward Graphics did an awesome job designing and printing her name for us. I used a custom font for her name and it was printed on vinyl and stuck to the wall. It almost looks like its painted. We love it.

Her dresser didn't quite turn out they way I envisioned it to be. The idea was there, but the execution turned out to be a much more pettite version. Next time I'll pay more attention to the dimensions when ordering! Thanks to Aunt Mel for the cute diaper cake.

Here is her changing table. The circle mirrors I love as well, but again my execution some how fell short of my vision because the walls are so chocolate. I might paint some circles around them to highlight them better, or maybe paint circles behind the mirrors. Not sure yet. If you have any ideas...please leave me a comment.

Another shout out to Aunt Mel for the adorable bow holder. It was the 1st one she's made. Great job Melissa! We love it! Still working on filling it up, though.

And my super favorite thing is this painting. I bought this big blank canvas and acrylic paints to match her bed set and had Kaylon finger paint one color at a time on four different days to layer the colors. After talking to his teacher and seeing the projects he brings home I knew he could do it, but this turned out way more awesome than I could have ever expected. (I took a ton of pictures of the process, but lost them all when my memory card crashed. Huge bummer! He was so cute wearing a diaper and Daddy's t-shirt covered in paint from head to toe!) The original idea was to have her name painted in the middle of the canvas, but I am such a perfectionist that seeing any little flaw in her name would have ruined the whole thing for me so we left it just the way big brother made it. Perfect. (Cute idea, huh! I can't take credit, I totally stole the idea.)



  1. Hey Aimee! I am so glad I found you on FB :o). You have a beautiful family! And I absoluetly love Kolbies little room! You are very creative and I love to bow holder (reminds me of a mum :o). I am going to save your blog and check in on you. Take care girl!!!!

  2. Love how the nursery is coming along!!!! It is just precious!!!