Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beautiful Baby

So...I found out today that I was not made to be a pageant mom. We found out a baby pageant was in town at Baybrook Mall at 6:30 pm or in Baytown at noon. We didn't have anything better to do so we decided late friday night that we would go ahead and enter our beautiful baby in the boys under 1 category. From the time we decided to go ahead and enter till this very moment I HAVE NEEDED A XANEX!! I have been stressed out! Why ....I don't know. I guess I was nervous that someone would tell me he wasn't as beautiful as I think he is. So, why would I subject myself to that? I don't know, but I literally lost sleep over it. I know, I'm ridiculous. Anyway, We entered Kaylon in the prettiest smile and beautiful eyes categories. He won most beautiful eyes and 1st runner up over all. That won our fees paid to the state pageant in Houston on Memorial day weekend. That being said, I can't handle it. I am satisfied (now) with being 1st runner up and our pageant days have come to an end. (silent note: I think it was rigged because no way was the winner cuter than Kaylon...NO WAY!)
Check out the pics under Forey Foto's.


  1. I think it was rigged too. NO way was that pretty baby 1st runner up for anything. I cant believe how big he is. AWW I should probably say he is handsome but i dont care. He is way pretty...

  2. He's the most beautiful baby EVER! He's my GRANDSON!! I'm protesting! Happy 6th month birthday Little Man! Love GG