Monday, March 30, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

For the last week my whole family has been under the weather. It all started with me feeling the blues last Sunday, then when I awoke on Monday, I had no voice at all and an extremely sore throat. Thanks to Noni Patti I was able to see the doctor asap. He thought I had strep throat, but my culture came back negative. Thank goodness. By Tuesday, Ryan was having the same symptoms. Needless to say Pop and Noni came to the rescue and watched Kaylon all night long for the very 1st time.On Wednesday, at the time, I would have swore I was on my death bed. I couldn't hardly move. My whole body hurt so bad. So, Mema picked us up and we showed back up at Patti's office unannounced hoping to see the doctor. When I saw Patti, I just started crying I couldn't even explain how bad I felt. I'm not used to being sick, especially that sick. The doc checked me for the flu, again test was negative. He gave me some new meds, and we were off to Kaylon's 6 month check up. He measured 25 inches and 15 lbs 8 oz. She changed his formula, gave him 3 shots, and we are in the clear until 9 months, and no shots until 12 months, thank goodness. Kaylon got a fever from his shots, which is normal, but the rest of the day he didn't feel good at all.Ryan went to work as always, but he was feeling worse and worse too. So Wednesday, Pop and Noni were life savers again and kept Kaylon all night long despite him being feverish and knowing it was going to be a rough night. As bed as we felt pawning our son off on the grandparents, we were in bed and asleep in no time. Thursday came, and I made the turn to getting better, but my body was just so weak that GG had to come save us and help out with Kaylon all day. I woke up Friday much much better, But Ryan was ridiculously sick by then. He went to work anyway, but he was able to come home by lunch time. So I packed us up and headed home to Crosby. We didn't leave the house all weekend. Ryan and Kaylon slept a lot. Ryan is better today, but Kaylon now has a cough, and you can tell he doesn't feel very well. He definitely has the "sick eyes." If he gets much worse we will go back to the doctors office tomorrow. For the whole week we were just one big germ stew. Hopefully this week will be much better than the last!

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