Monday, March 2, 2009

Reserve Grand Champion!!!

The 3 Forey's attended Meagan's show this last weekend. It was Kaylon's 1st livestock show. He wasn't to sure about all the smells, to say the least. Dooney, Meagan's steer, was awarded 1st in his weight class. For those who don't know, each student that places 1st in their weight class all come together for a final survey to determine a champion. After she was awarded 1st place, she was also called back for showmanship. After the judges deliberation, he explained how two 1st place steers stood out and how this was a hard decision for him because he would have to scrutinize small details. Turns out one steers rear end was not as prominent as the others and therefore awarded Meagan RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION!! Wooo Hooo. Turns out Dooney's back side is a little small. I personally don't think that is a bad trait to have!!! Anyway, Saturday was the auction and Dooney sold for $10,000!!!! Cha Ching! I just wanted to say to Meagan, 1st place or last...We are soooooooooooooo proud of you!


  1. Tell her congrats for us!! That is wonderful! Kiss my sweet nephew too!

  2. meant so much to her that you, Ryan and Little Man was there. Of course me too! She's did wonderful...and I had all my babies with was a great day!

    Love Mama